So much to share, so little time …

i’m on vacation until about mid-August, so posts are more than a bit behind.  When I land home-side, will share stories of my many adventures.  A short list of hi-lites include:  three days of tasting wine and enjoying the food and people of Virginia; visiting my Aunt Donna (and her husband Joe) in West Jefferson, NC (took her wine tasting, can’t wait to post her pic online and our tasting notes); enjoying REAL banana pudding (my grandmother’s recipe); visiting Asheville, NC (mingled with a few locals and thoroughly enjoyed the food and beer and art scene); and now in Athens, GA. Next stops, LaFayette, GA and Brooklyn, New York.  Please stay tuned …

2 thoughts on “So much to share, so little time …

    • I’m striving for this weekend. When I came back from vacation, I had work issues to deal with and then a sinus infection. All just zapped my energy. But will begin posting this weekend. Thanks for checking in.

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